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xxDance with Fire
Geschrieben von depressed starfish am Sonntag, 20. Januar 2008
 Liebeskummer englische version
Sweeping across the distant floor

We danced! We danced!

Wishing the music wouldn’t end no more

We danced!

Allured by longing and lead by desire

We danced to a rhythm whispered by fire

Thinking of nothing than fulfilling joy

Ominous deception, thou shall us destroy!

Hardly touching the cold, stony ground

We danced! We danced!

Carefully moving to the heavenly sound

We danced!

O glorious illusion, feelings of bliss

The dance with the fire is a passionate kiss.

Feeling secure, delighted and warm

But are you too close, does it nothing but harm.

Turning like drunk in a circling flight

We danced! We danced!

Holding each other in this embrace so tight

We danced!

Blandishing flames, a glare in our eyes

Trust not in the warmth! It’s nothing but lies!

And still, we go on, believing in chance,

In obsession continuing our meaningless dance.

Sweeping across the distant floor

We danced! We danced!

We wished we could stop but we couldn’t no more

We danced!

Dance with Fire

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