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xxLord, they always say... (WHY?)
Geschrieben von Sarina am Sonntag, 01. April 2007
 Zeitgeschehen She just lays on her bed her pretty face so pale afraid of who will come at night tears flee out of her green empty eyes She just can not deny the loneliness inside She wants to scream - but has no voice - the scream that she is forced to avoid and she sings, like every night: "Lord, they always say that you send your revenge to those who fail Tell me, why do I deserve this pain? Lord, they always say that you send your guardians to the weak Tell me, why have I to be so alone?" She can't go on like that every second hurts She knows his filthy hands so well - despair leads her to make an end... The broken little girl takes a silvery knife two cuts - an ocean full of blood She smiles while leaving this cold world... and she sings - one last time: "Lord, they always say that you send everyone what he deserves Tell me why had I to suffer my whole life? Lord, they always say that you let die first the ones you love most Tell me, will you still lead me to heaven?" And when her daddy comes enters the dark room she finds her small body - she smiles he will not rape her one more time At the young girl's funeral they cry to god and sing: "Lord, we always said that you would guard the innocents of us Tell us, how could he rape this little heart? Lord, we always said that you'd send everyone what he deserves So why did this girl have to die these eight years of her life?"

Lord, they always say... (WHY?)

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