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xxInsanity in the mirror
Geschrieben von Sarina am Freitag, 16. März 2007
 Verzweiflung No, I'm NOT insane... But the first-person narrator's insanity should clarify what you can become by losing a person you really love. Think of it, don't interprete too much ;D and tell me your opinion of the topic!
The day you died the sun shined The wind was soft and warm And my heart splitted into a thousand of fragments When you gave me the last kiss One single tear ran down my face And my lips closed forever and for always And now I'm lost, I'm so tired I can not go on like that Days of loneliness and pain Nights filled up with your face You are caged in my mirror I can see you, everytime I want to get into your world I want to die in your arms Breaking down the silvery wall And be with you Forever And again You're a living, lost reflection...

Insanity in the mirror

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