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xxTwo worlds
Geschrieben von Sarina am Montag, 08. Januar 2007
 Verzweiflung The memory of a hopeless dream Nourishing my dark soul Its warmth and its sweet melody Drifting more and more away Forgetting the worth Forgetting the strength Forgetting the beauty with thoughts of revenge Mist is covering the healing light Hate is covering the forgotten love And I don't give you up 'though I get weaker, smaller, dead But these two worlds Will take Us Apart These eyes, once bright, are empty now These touches don't mean a thing Despair still bears my bloody tears You will never kill my fears (again and again will never end and again and again and) I forget your worth I forget your strength I forget your glory by My thoughts of revenge Mist still covers the healing light Hate still covers the forgotten love But I can't give you up And I get weaker, smaller, dead Will these two worlds Really take Us Apart? Standing in front of each other A mirror in between So everyone is only able to see What the other one wants him to see Screaming and crying and losing our minds We fight, but can not move These pearls on my arms, so red, so pure All these cuts are silent proof Mist always covered the lights Pain always covered the love Now I must give you up And we get weaker, smaller, dead These cruel worlds Finally took Us Apart (No matter about our death, our pain, Our past, our finally broken dreams...)
(instruments: guitars, flute, bass, piano, drums, vocals) In memory of my time with R. W. - or, better, the feelings that made me stay with you for almost too long... ...and, of, course, with a blessed Thank You to my honey: You lead me out of that hell and showed me the true meaning of love. Thanks for that... I love you.

Two worlds

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