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xxDreams of my reality
Geschrieben von dondiego am Donnerstag, 16. März 2006
 Erotik Bright shines the moon in silvery light. Oh come to me, my beautiful bride! Search the way and stay with me tonight, Flames of my passion may be your guide. I open the door and let you come in, I offer you delicious fruits - fruits of sin. Wine is slaking your physical thirst, But even awakes your sexual thirst. In pillows of silk and satin we sink, Fondle together in our mellow rink. Your red lips come closer to mine, My eyes are burning in a sultry shine. Longing for breathe, craving for touch, Not able for an objective judge. Instincts and passion taking over control And lead us to a voluptuous goal. Lips and tongues researching the necks, While we shuffle the last clothes and checks. Skin grinds on skin, kiss follows kiss, You are sensing my masculine vis. Our bodies tremble by hot require. The air is filled of unruly desire. Then the moment has finally come - the moment when two become one. Hour by hour we sway from crest to crest, No view or wish for an end or a rest. The morning comes and we lay side by side, In our dreams we repeat the bygone night.

Dreams of my reality

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