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Geschrieben von Purple Rose am Montag, 20. Februar 2006
 Erotik The creature doesn't like the sun, hiding in darkness all day long. But when you hear nightingales song - right after dusk - chase has begun!
Invisible - hidden - waiting for you to catch you when you come around - in silence - not giving a sound - he'll get you and nightmares come true. You're struggling, screaming but no one can hear! Your fighting is making no sense and very soon there's less defense. You're petrified by a feeling of fear! The creature grabs you from behind. You feel hot breath close to your neck. You cannot see - ev'rything's black. There's nothing similar you remind. Hands are touching sweaty skin, some kind of passion fills your mind. Lips looking for a mouth to find, you start enjoying - genuine! Fear felt into oblivion, you are devoted - you are his! Secretly waited just for this! His servant till the rise of sun!


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