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Geschrieben von Purple Rose am Montag, 20. Februar 2006
 Fantasie Oh, can you see the moon, my dear? It's shining bright; round like a bowl. Was that the shouting of an owl, or giving reason for a fear?
I'm watching you, your eyes turned black. By looking at you at close range ... there's something wild and kind of strange! I am afraid, so, please turn back! Your teeth are growing, just like fangs! I'm scared, oh, don't you frighten me! Please turn to what you used to be! And what from are those dreadful tangs? Your hand, like paws, they're grabbing me! You look so scathing, let me leave! I am not a slice of beef! Now it's too late - the beast is free! I'm bitten, now I'm just like you! Longing for blood once in four weeks and ready now for all those cheeks! Now I'm a werewolf, split in two!


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