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xxI still love You
Geschrieben von Tom am Freitag, 05. August 2005
Lyrics [Songtexte] Dieser Text ist eigentlich passend zu der Musik von Uriah Heep's "Lady in Black" entstanden. Vor Wochen nahm ich den Song quasi als Willkommensgeschenk für meine Freundin auf. Sie war ein komplettes Jahr in England gewesen. Sie hat unsere Beziehung leider vor gut einer Woche beendet, deshalb gebe ich den Text nun der Öffentlichkeit frei.

Viel Spaß damit,

I still love You

Last year, last summer, just you and me
I invited you to drink some tea
The phone call was difficult enough for me to do

But you agreed and I felt high
You hoped that all was not a lie
And later in the evening we drank some coke with rum

Ahhaahahaaha - ahahahaaahahaa

That date was just the start of great
friendship, love and Drew and Kate
I knew that you would go away but wanted you for me

Then one cold August evening
One sad and rainy evening
I gave to you a poem that I wrote for you Nadine

Ahhaahahaaha - ahahahaaahahaa

Our relationship was meant to pay
a price that was high but okay
we only met in holidays but phoned three times per week

When the postman brings your letter in time
When I read I know that you're all mine
When you're with me then I don't need more than your love to live

Ahhaahahaaha - ahahahaaahahaa

Now that one day seems to appear
I've been waiting for this the whole year
The day I meet my girl again and enclose her in my arms

Now lady lend your hand outright
we'll be together, I'm at your side
I want to tell you a million times that still I love you

I still love You

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